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Buying Casio Watch Online FAQ

Buying a Casio watch online is difficult. Naturally, you will have plenty of questions. Fortunately, this article is here to provide you with the answers to all your questions.

Frequently Asked Casio Watch Questions

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Are there precautions to handling your watch in water?

water resistant watch

Your Casio watch will always be labelled with the BAR level on either the front or back of the watch. The BAR level signifies the level of water resistance your watch can handle. Hence, it is always important to follow the BAR level to a tee. However, no matter the BAR level, you should never use your Casio watch during any scuba activity or any form of diving that requires air tanks. Also, no matter the BAR, never operate the buttons underwater as that allows water to enter the watch. Furthermore, avoid contact with soap as it may damage your watch, so do not use it in the bath or when washing. After contact with seawater, use fresh water to rinse away all salt or dirt. Some water-resistant watches may be attached to leather straps. Leather straps should never come into contact with water or they will be damaged.

There are 4 BAR levels. No BAR, 5 BAR, 10 BAR, 20 BAR. Watches that are no BAR cannot handle any form of water activity. The only time it may come into contact with water would be during hand washing and in the rain. With 5 BAR, it is acceptable to go swimming with your watch. 10 and 20 BAR watches can handle activities such as windsurfing and skin diving.

Some divers watches may be labelled as 200m. This means that the watch can go to a maximum depth of 200m. Do not cross that depth as it may cause irreversible damage to the watch.

What Do I Have To Take Note Of For Resin Components?

Do not keep your watch in an enclosed area when wet. This may result in the colours of other things to run onto your watch. Always dry your watch completely before storing it. Do not leave your watch exposed to the Sun. This will cause discolouration in the resin band. Friction and consistent rubbing may also cause discolouration of the band. Long-term storage without use may also cause the resin components to turn brittle and break easily. To try and avoid this, before storing your watch, wipe it clean of dirt and moisture. Then, store it in a cool and dry place and preferably in a box. Avoid places that are always in contact with sunlight or moisture.


Are There Any Precautions Regarding Chemicals?

Try to avoid contact with any chemicals as they may damage your watch and your band. Avoid thinner, gasoline, solvents or oil. Avoid cleaners, adhesives, paints, medicine and cosmetics. This will cause discolouration and serious damage.

How Do I Adjust My Watch’s Metal Band?

watch metal band

Typically, to adjust the metal band, it is necessary to remove a number of band segments. However, the adjustment of the bands requires specific tools that most households do not possess.

Can I Try To Fix My Watch Myself?

Never try to take apart your Casio watch and fix it. Removal of certain parts may result in irreparable damage. Always seek out a licensed Casio service centre to fix your watch. Trying to do it yourself may result in personal injury or damage to your watch. So, take your watch to a service centre or to the place you bought the watch to adjust the band.

How Do I Perform Regular Maintenance On My Watch?

Your Casio watch is just like a piece of clothing. Keep it clean and hygienic by washing with water and wiping it down with a clean cloth. Also for watches with metal bands or resin bands, use a soft toothbrush to scrub it to get rid of grime and dirt. Should you decide to use soap or detergent on the band, wrap up the watch head with plastic to prevent it coming into contact with the soap. For leather bands, use a damp cloth to wipe it or you may choose to use specific leather solutions to clean. The watch buttons may also deteriorate from frequent unuse so be sure to press and operate the buttons periodically.

What Do I Have To Note When Handling Metal Parts?

Should dirt not be completely cleaned from the metal parts, it may cause rust to form. This will form even if your Casio watch is made from stainless steel or plated with it. The dirt erodes the stainless steel and is subsequently oxidised to form rust. Use a mixture of warm water and a weak neutral detergent to rub out any dirt with a toothbrush. As mentioned above, wrap the watch head with plastic to avoid soap from coming into contact with it.

What Do I Do When The Inside Of My Casio Watch Gets Fogged?

watch with fogged glass

The inside of the watch face typically gets fogged when there is a sudden change in temperature. For instance, transitioning from an air-conditioned room to a hot summer day. Letting your watch come into contact with snow then entering a heated room may cause similar effects. The fog will usually clear quickly but the more drastic the change in temperature may take longer to clear. However, should the fog not clear after 2 hours or if you notice moisture in the watch, immediately bring it to a service centre.


Is There Anything To Note About The Band?

Do not fasten the band too tightly. Fastening the band too tightly will cause you to sweat more and the lack of air may cause skin irritation. Always make sure that there is enough room for a finger to pass through the band and your skin. Long-term usage of the band or long-term storage may cause the band to deteriorate and eventually snap. This may result in you losing your Casio watch. Stop using the band should you notice the following few problems.

  • Band cracks
  • Band discolouration
  • Looseness in the band
  • Loss of band flexibility
  • Band connector pin falling out

Should any of those problems be observed, bring your Casio watch to a recognised Casio service centre to get your bands replaced or fixed.


How Do I Replace My Watch’s Batteries?

Try not to replace the batteries by yourself. Visit a recognized Casio service centre should your watch batteries stop. Furthermore, ensure that the replacement batteries are of the type specified in the User’s guide. A different type of battery may cause malfunctions. Ask your retailer for the type of battery to use.


Does Magnetism Affect My Watch?

Normal magnets are unlikely to cause damage to your Casio watch. However, magnetism in medical equipment may cause damage. Equipment such as MRI scanners emits large amounts of magnetism that may ruin metal parts. Furthermore, analogue watches rely on magnetism to move the watch hands. Magnetism from exterior sources may cause the watch hands to malfunction and display the wrong time. hence, it is always recommended to keep your watch away from strong sources of magnetism.


What Is A Tachymeter?

Some watches come equipped with a tachymeter. The tachymeter is used to measure the time taken to cover one kilometre. This data is then used to determine the average speed. To use this, start the stopwatch and stop it after one kilometre is completed. The speed will be displayed on the analogue side of the watch. It will look like a watch face with numbers on the side. The hand in the middle will then point to the speed that you have achieved. For instance, if you covered one kilometre in 30 seconds, the hand will point to 120. This indicated that the average speed is 120km/h.

Will My Watch Be Affected By Impact?

Most of Casio’s watches are designed to withstand impacts from daily use. Such impacts may include accidentally knocking your watch on a wall or from playing tennis. Certain ranges of Casio watches such as G-Shock were specifically designed to be shock resistant and hence can be used for more strenuous activities such as operating a chainsaw or for motocross. However, the rule of thumb is to try and minimise any sort of impact on your watch to extend its lifespan


What Are Tough Battery 10 And Long Life Battery?

These batteries are high capacity batteries with extremely long lifespans. The average lifespans of such batteries are usually 10 years. This long life can be achieved when the watch is used in accordance with the user guide. However, one thing to note is that the battery may have lost some of its charge depending on the time it spent in shipment and on the shelf. Hence, your watch’s battery life will not be 10 years from the day you purchase it. Also, please note that 10 years battery life does not mean the watch has a 10-year warranty. However, your watch may also require maintenance after a couple of years. This is because the battery may outlast the parts in the watch. Have these parts replaced when they break to make full use of the watch.

Why Is The Display Becoming Harder To Read?

After a sustained period of use, the dis[play may become dimmer due to the bulbs within. The bulbs may lose its brightness over time due to its use and age. This is the same for the backlight panel. hence, do not be alarmed should the watch’s light components start dimming. Visit a service centre to properly diagnose the problem.


What Does Battery Life Designate?

casio watch battery

The battery life simply states the lifespan of the watch. If the life is 10 years it means your watch can operate for 10 years. The time starts from when the battery is first loaded into the watch. However, this time is not specific. The actual time may, in fact, be marginally longer or shorter than the designated time.

Will My Casio Watch Be Affected By High Temperatures?

Never leave your watch in places where it may be affected by high or low temperatures. Hence, do not leave it out in the snow or leaving it on the dashboard of your car. Extreme temperatures may cause malfunctions or it may even cause the resin bands to melt. Temperatures higher than 60 degrees Celsius may result in the LED display malfunctioning and becoming hard to read.

How Do I Adjust The Date And Time On My Casio Watch?

The methods to adjust your watch’s time and date differ based on the model. Most models have a button labelled adjust. Press and hold the button until you hear a beep or when the time display starts flashing. From there you will be able to change the time and date. The buttons on the right-hand side of the watch are usually used to either increase or decrease. The bottom left-hand button (mode) is used to switch from adjusting the time to the date and vice versa. Alternatively, you can take a look at your user guide where there will be a detailed guide complete with diagrams to teach you how to adjust the time and date.

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Where Is The Casio Service Centre In Singapore?

The address to Casio’s service centre is 111 Somerset Road #09-02A TripleOne Somerset Singapore 238164.

For Product Repair and Parts Replacement: (65) 6480 7189
For All Sales Related: (65) 6883 2003

Lastly, the opening hours are: 9 am to 6 pm (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)
9 am to 7 pm (Wed)
Closed on Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

Where Can I Find Casio Watches?


Casio watches can be found in most physical stores. Also, you can also purchase it online on a variety of stores. You can check out a website that I personally prefer here!




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